Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Sister's Hometown Thrift & More [Ardmore TN]

It took me a few days in Huntsville AL to understand that I was only 15 minutes from the state line.  So at last, I check Tennessee off the list! Didn't know when I'd ever get this one done.  Saw a thrift store in Ardmore, I believe the street it is located on is actually the state line.  I called in advance to make sure they had records and a few decent ones! Ironically I've had that Rosanne Cash song in a playlist this week and it just keeps coming on again and again.  That synth melody is like a snake, it transitions from note to note so smooth.

If you would have asked me about Moe Bands or Jerry Clower 10 days ago, I'd say "sorry, can't help you".  Now I know them both thanks to the Branson trading cards I just found in Tulsa!


I don't know when or how I will get to some of these stragglers but I hope it is before long.  I'd like to visit Oregon the most just so I can drink craft beer, but Mississippi is very fascinating to me.  I'm sure there are some great thrift stores down there.  Until then, I'll just keep at it!

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