Saturday, March 27, 2021

Candlelight Antiques [Elkmont AL]


As I sped across the border into Tennessee, I spotted Candlelight on the way out.  I know an antique mall when I see one and couldn't believe my luck.  Besides checking a new state off the list, I'd be able to hit another spot on the way back.

Not surprised to see that just about every other booth had some records.  Here is the first booth I checked out, just inside the front door.

Scary that I can ID that LP in the back without getting close, or even seeing the front jacket (5th Dimension, Live album, and it is in my collection!)

I visited Alabama once, many years ago. but I was in a bit of a rush and only hit up a couple thrift stores as I sped out of town (I drove from Mobile all the way back to Chicago).  Things feel a bit more official now!

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Sister's Hometown Thrift & More [Ardmore TN]

It took me a few days in Huntsville AL to understand that I was only 15 minutes from the state line.  So at last, I check Tennessee off the list! Didn't know when I'd ever get this one done.  Saw a thrift store in Ardmore, I believe the street it is located on is actually the state line.  I called in advance to make sure they had records and a few decent ones! Ironically I've had that Rosanne Cash song in a playlist this week and it just keeps coming on again and again.  That synth melody is like a snake, it transitions from note to note so smooth.

If you would have asked me about Moe Bands or Jerry Clower 10 days ago, I'd say "sorry, can't help you".  Now I know them both thanks to the Branson trading cards I just found in Tulsa!


I don't know when or how I will get to some of these stragglers but I hope it is before long.  I'd like to visit Oregon the most just so I can drink craft beer, but Mississippi is very fascinating to me.  I'm sure there are some great thrift stores down there.  Until then, I'll just keep at it!

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Generations Antique Mall [Tulsa OK]


Nothing like a solid breakfast to service your hangover followed by perusing the junk at an antique mall next door! I have visited Oklahoma before but only in the capacity to check it off the list without enjoying it much. I had a plan to hit up a Starship Records but I got it pretty well out of my system in this wondrous place.  This is my first blog post in around a year, not surprising.  Of course I will offer the same excuse as the rest of the millions out there.  First COVID made visiting such places impossible (they were closed), then I was too nervous to visit when they reopened.  But now I am vaccinated so all bets are off! Lets do this!

I haven't bought a new record (even on the internet) in the past year I don't think and I didn't buy anything here either.  But that is no complaint, as a I had a blast.  

Found this Mike Bloomfield classic just inside the front door and yes, I have some regrets on passing it up now.  Oddly, this booth only had these two records and none others.

Hidden away in a nook, I did actually consider this one for the inclusion of these two songs listed on the cover.

Worth every penny! The censored version was $8 but who needs that?

I did however spend a whopping $12 on something VERY cool.  A booth had 4 of these sealed cases plus at least one other case open so you could buy individual packs for $2 each.  I thought this was cool because its amazing to think about the heritage and culture in Branson around live music and entertainment.  I'm sure it is much changed since 1992 but to think that once upon a time there was a market for such an item (no matter how small) is pretty amazing.  I can't find as much info on these as I thought I would be able to besides this link.   Apparently there was only one series (the box shows 'Series One') but there is a blue box/pack and a red one which I have.  The main difference I can see if that my case shows 'Special Collector's Edition, A Numbered Autographed Card in Every Pack' and it doesn't look like the blue ones had that.  The link above also isn't clear if these are real of copied autographs.  Well of course I had to open them all up.

It was a hell of a process to get these all organized.  It was also a lot of fun! Doesn't seem like a ton of information on these so hopefully this is of some help to the 0.1% of the population that needs it!