Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Wax Trax II [Denver CO]

Got a rare chance to go west one more time and I booked a crazy cheap $200 ticket with United out to Denver.  I had connected in their airport a handful of times, I was eager to hit the streets in search of vinyl!

I decided on Wax Trax based on location and my own itinerary (I do have to work at some point on these trips!) and I'm glad I did.  This is an old school store crammed with vinyl, well organized but with just a hint of filth that keeps it from being terribly suave.

I dug through a good portion of their jazz section and found a number of delights but nothing I wanted to pull the trigger on.  I must admit, I hate bringing vinyl on planes.  Of course I will do it if I must but I don't want to fly with them on my lap or under the seat with my feet on/near them, and my bag is too small to hold them safely up in the overhead bin.  So maybe I wasn't trying too hard.  Or maybe I'm old and my obsessive zest for more records has waned just maybe 2%.  I'm fine with that, because I enjoyed digging around in here for a bit on a pleasant afternoon in what I have discovered is a great city.


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