Tuesday, June 26, 2018

First Baptist Church Thrift Store [Oakdale LA]

I write this while I sip a cold Abita after one of the longest, hardest days of work in my life.  I got into town yesterday (flew to Alexandria) and desperately wanted to check Louisiana off my list.  I sped to a Goodwill and they had no vinyl! I knew that I wouldn't have much time today to look around but I was banking on that possibility.

Well I was right as I did not get to my hotel until 10pm! But I snuck away for lunch and had one shot at a small church based thrift store and I struck gold! Well not exactly, as it was all junk, but I hardly care about that.  One more state done!

I took each stack out and dug through them all.  The lady at the counter not only answered my question regarding the presence of vinyl, but insisted on walking me the 10' to them.  Really nice small town vibes.  But man was it hot out there! I don't know how people live in this day after day.

There were a couple albums from Mr. Gray.  It looks like he passed away back in 2005.  I figured he must be a Louisiana since I saw more than one record.  Funny thing is, it doesn't look like he was.  Looks like he was a Dallas based musician but when I dug a bit deeper, it said he grew up in Little Rock, but was born in New Orleans! 


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