Sunday, February 25, 2018

Replay Records [Hamden CT]

I made my first trip to New Haven a little over a year ago and made a return journey here in early 2018.  This time I took the bus north to Hamden to check out Replay Records.  First I walked west on Elm from my hotel and got on the 228 bus north on Whitney.  However Google Maps (my guide, as always) did not make the distinction between 228 and 228c, which veered off course about 75% of the way there.  I pulled the plug on this mission and grabbed an Uber for the rest of the way and finally arrived a short time later.

Replay Records is a pretty small spot and during my visit it was just me and a person behind the counter I presume was the owner.  He was in the process of organizing and putting away some new wares and we had a pleasant chat.  When I asked for Tom Jones vinyl, he said he didn't really have any ("it just doesn't sell"; fair enough) but he was educated enough to know of the alternate cover for It's Not Unusual.  Color me impressed! I told him I was a general Parrot records snob, we talked about Engelbert and he admitted he was partial to Tom.  I can respect that.

I dug the entire jazz section and came across some interesting finds but many were overpriced or just too expensive for my wallet.  I did quickly find another 3000 series I was glad to scoop for $5.  I later had a look in the lower bins which held 'bargain' platters and came across a CTI boxset I've seen online but never in person.  I paid only $4 for the 2xLP, but later was saddened to find that mine was missing a booklet (couldn't understand the purpose of the box instead of a simple gatefold).  No matter, the vinyl looks pristine.  I recently grabbed a CD reissue set and immediately fell in love with track B2 and I'm glad to now have the original issue.  Speaking of CTI (sort of) boxsets, I did see another but the price was prohibitive.

Afterwards I stood out in the rain, and later under an awning of a beauty salon waiting for my bus.  I finally caught it and made it back to thaw/dry out in my hotel before I headed out again for even more pizza.  Another productive day of circular treats!

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