Saturday, February 3, 2018

Oakton Street Antique Centre, Arlington Heights

It's the places in your backyard that you miss the most easily sometimes.  I was headed out to Niles and took a different route than usual, and went right by this place.  I immediately checked the clock and quickly calculated what time I thought I might be headed back then checked if I could make it in.  Eureka! It was definitely feasible.  So I got it done in Niles and headed back west for a nice dig.

Man, I love antique malls.  They are probably the best record digging spots in my opinion.  I also do collect some old Pyrex, and I like to look at books and other stuff sometimes as well.  I guess I just like 'old' things, maybe that's part of the reason I love records so much.  This place is a solid antique mall, very clean and organized and quite large.  Many cubicles to dig through.  As far as records, I started out slow but eventually found more and more and of course found one or two booths that sort of specialized in vinyl and had multiple bins, alphabetized, etc.  I didn't end up buying anything so I'll just have to let the pictures do the talking.

I don't often photo album covers, but I also don't often find
ones this outrageous.

2430 E Oakton St, Arlington Heights, IL 60005

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