Monday, January 29, 2018

Casey's Closet Thrift Store [Gibsonton FL]

I've run through the Gibsonton/Apollo Beach area twice now, most recently back in September.  I had more time on this trip than the others so I tried to take advantage.  I first stopped over at Almost New Thrift but they were closed and left a note on the door to that effect.  A bit dejected, I checked the map once more and saw Casey's.  When I see the word 'closet' in the name I worry that it is only clothes but I had nothing to lose.  So I headed over.

What I found was a real dump on par only with Fantastic Andy's.  But oh yes, they did indeed have vinyl! There was a bunch of LPs but what interested me much more was the extremely well organized box of 7" (seen in the upper right of this photo below).

I was unable to take advantage of their buy one get one free sale on LPs but I did grab two 45s.  First up was maybe the only picture sleeve in the building, not my favorite David Gates song but one of his most famous.  The second one is actually more exciting.  I have liked this song for a while and am still haunted by the weird compilation I found missing its platter (which contained this song).  A worthwhile hunt indeed!

9871 US Hwy 41 S, Gibsonton, FL 33534
(813) 672-1797

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