Monday, January 29, 2018

Casey's Closet Thrift Store [Gibsonton FL]

I've run through the Gibsonton/Apollo Beach area twice now, most recently back in September.  I had more time on this trip than the others so I tried to take advantage.  I first stopped over at Almost New Thrift but they were closed and left a note on the door to that effect.  A bit dejected, I checked the map once more and saw Casey's.  When I see the word 'closet' in the name I worry that it is only clothes but I had nothing to lose.  So I headed over.

What I found was a real dump on par only with Fantastic Andy's.  But oh yes, they did indeed have vinyl! There was a bunch of LPs but what interested me much more was the extremely well organized box of 7" (seen in the upper right of this photo below).

I was unable to take advantage of their buy one get one free sale on LPs but I did grab two 45s.  First up was maybe the only picture sleeve in the building, not my favorite David Gates song but one of his most famous.  The second one is actually more exciting.  I have liked this song for a while and am still haunted by the weird compilation I found missing its platter (which contained this song).  A worthwhile hunt indeed!

9871 US Hwy 41 S, Gibsonton, FL 33534
(813) 672-1797

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Krazed in Kokomo

I've been awfully spoiled lately with the opportunity to travel to many large metropolitan areas.  Finally I was make in a small town in Indiana - now this feels natural!

I swung through a Goodwill in town - plenty of vinyl to be had.  It was nothing doing, but I did find a mono copy of Eng's first (they had the stereo as well).  Once upon a time I'd have been all over this.  Alas, now I actually own two copies of the mono version (four of this release in general).

I figured that was it, but I got stuck in town an additional day.  This gave me an entire afternoon to mess around! But this is when things really went off the rails.

First I went to a St. Vincent I already knew was in town but didn't have time to check out.  They did not have any vinyl! This may have been a first.

Next up was an actual record store (which seems to also double as a small music venue).  American Dream Hi-Fi was just a couple blocks away so I wandered over.  While the hours on Google Maps (and their front door) showed they should be open for business, they were closed and dark.  There was another guy sitting in his vehicle at the curb who called me over.  We were both locked out and with that, the shop lost two customers.

Somehow, Kokomo held many delights - there was an antique mall/flea market just on the other side of town! But three strikes and I was out! Vendor City had a pipe burst the night before and some clean up guys were in there doing their thing.  So the place was locked tight.  What bad luck! I just went to screengrab the announcements from their Facebook (which I read on my phone as I stood out front) but they have been deleted.  So you'll just have to believe me! I hope I get back to Kokomo sometime so I can check them out.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Minneapolis Mania

Back in Minnesota! I booked a flight for under $200 and did about 90 minutes of work in Hastings.  Then I decided to stay in downtown Minneapolis and I found a really cheap room.  Had plenty of time to kill that afternoon and again the following morning before my flight left.  First up was Electric Fetus.

The outside looked inviting - couldn't wait to get in there.  Inside, I was disappointed.  I would say that records is probably about 50% of what they sell.  They have tons of clothes, hats, knick knacks....all kinds of junk.  And 90% of their vinyl inventory was new sealed reissues.  I dug through the used jazz and didn't find much.  Lots of hipsters and people who seemed more pleased to be there than to look for tunes.

Cool jacket, bro.
I was pretty bummed that I wasted a half an hour getting to and walking around inside Electric Fetus.  I decided I'd go out on a limb and chance it at one more stop.  Cheapo Records was a legit store - my kind of place!

Huge jazz section and lots of grimy old vinyl to dig through.  The really valuable stuff they kept behind the counter, and used a print out of the discogs page for the release on a chunk of cardboard as a place holder.  Never seen this system before but not a bad idea!

Well worth it - I'd be all over this if it wasn't too rich for my blood. 
But worth every penny, if you can afford it!
Came across a couple really funky promos.  One had a letter that seemed to threaten legal action if you did not use it as prescribed - the other was sort of pathetically begging you to play it.

Well I found a Laura Nyro album pretty quick and started toting it around as I was certain I would not leave without it.  I found a copy once before a long time ago (I don't know how I remember this stuff sometimes) and it was pretty shredded so I had to leave it behind.  Funny to think I've kind of been looking for the same record for 3 1/2 years.  Well I did end up leaving it behind because I found something far superior.  I have quite a few Walter Wanderley albums at this point, I'm always looking for more, but especially when they are on Verve.  Well this one meets that qualification AND it is a promo (maybe not officially, it does appear to be stamped, though it is stamped on the center labels which is rare) and it is also a very odd white label which I have never seen.  I have a nice collection of Verve stuff including some other promos but nothing like this.  Great, great album and I only paid four bucks for it!