Sunday, October 1, 2017

Hog Days 2017 Flea Market, Kewanee IL

Always a highlight of my summer, Hog Days did not disappoint this year.  In between the metric ton of pork I consumed, there was actually a record vendor at the flea market! Very nice collection, everything was bagged and individually priced and they had a 'premium' section with some nice wares as well.  I didn't grab anything, and I eventually left the vinyl below behind which I have come to greatly regret.  The title and cover art caught my eye, I was convinced it was a band but this is actually a compilation of no-name metal bands from the early 80s.  Looks like it is also part of a series which contains further releases of no-name metal bands from the early 80s.  This one here seems to also be the first release from this label.  Should have grabbed it!

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