Sunday, October 22, 2017

Goodwill [Orlando FL]

I previously hit a Goodwill in O-Town back in 2015 but I'm 99% sure this is NOT the same one.  Should have had better record keeping to confirm/deny that but it is all I can come up with so you'll have to roll the dice if you are trying to use this blog as a guide to find the old junk I encountered in this bin.

The 'inventory' was at least 50% laserdiscs but yet somewhere deep within the bowels of this old wire bin, I was able to extricate an old 45.  It would have been even more momentous if I hadn't recently picked up the Canadian version of the LP (already have the US version as well).  So if you ever stop by and want to hear 'More', I have three different versions for you.  I almost let it go as a result of this redundancy but for 59 cents, I can live with it.


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