Sunday, October 29, 2017

Last 10 Records, October 2017

Another round of a last 10 records mix with a stupendous commentary throughout and of course some technical difficulties.  Enjoy.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Goodwill [Orlando FL]

I previously hit a Goodwill in O-Town back in 2015 but I'm 99% sure this is NOT the same one.  Should have had better record keeping to confirm/deny that but it is all I can come up with so you'll have to roll the dice if you are trying to use this blog as a guide to find the old junk I encountered in this bin.

The 'inventory' was at least 50% laserdiscs but yet somewhere deep within the bowels of this old wire bin, I was able to extricate an old 45.  It would have been even more momentous if I hadn't recently picked up the Canadian version of the LP (already have the US version as well).  So if you ever stop by and want to hear 'More', I have three different versions for you.  I almost let it go as a result of this redundancy but for 59 cents, I can live with it.


Monday, October 16, 2017

St. Vincent [Ruskin FL]

I first visited the Gibsonton/Apollo Beach area in April of 2016.  On my last day I wanted to stop here but had trouble finding it.  Well I ended up going back about 1 1/2 years later to work at the same place and this time I went in on my first day when I still had time.  Little did I know just how bad that week would be.  Glad I had a few moments of enjoyment before I descended into Hell.  Even more glad I am done with it.  Ironically, as I type this I am now on vacation in Orlando, barely an hour away.

I don't remember ever being at a St. Vincent's that had so much marking with signs etc.  Even the building is marked THRIFT STORE in huge letters that you just can't miss.  However the record selection was slim, though they did have a classic barbershop album and a really cool homemade record bin.  Reminds me very much of one I built myself long ago (mine is only two levels).

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Garage Sale [Pleasant Prarie WI]

Had a horrible 5am on site starttime in Kenosha for a job that could not have gone anymore badly.  Worse yet, it was finally rescheduled for completion weeks later and I could not go as I was elsewhere.  My colleague went in my stead and screwed things up so royally that he had to return the following day to make amends.  Despite all this madness, I came up relatively big at a local garage sale!

This was probably the most records I've ever seen at a garage sale.  I came up on a number of scores and had a chat with the proprietor.  He told me a few times that this was just the 'junk' from his collection (and much if it did indeed qualify as that).  I ended up buying four records.  Two of them were worth it, the other two I sort of blew it on.

Narada Michael Walden - Garden Of Love Light 
I knew Mr. Narada from his work with Mahivishnu Orchestra (in their later years, not the early albums I already own).  I knew this couldn't be very bad and I was right, it is some solid fusion.

Genesis - Seconds Out
This is a 2xLP live album.  The jacket is super water damaged and chewed up but the records look good.  The owner actually jumped from his lawn chair when he saw me with it, thinking an album had mistakenly gotten mixed up with the 'junk'.  When he saw the condition he said it was a double.  But I blew it because I thought this was early work from the group with Peter Gabriel on vocals based on the track list.  But indeed it is Phil Collins on the mic.

Anita Baker - Rapture
My mom had this on cassette when I was growing up and she listened to it a lot on a boom box.  I hated it then but this is some solid R&B and this was well worth my money.  Already ran through it quite a bit.

Unknown Artist - Music From The Motion Picture FM
If I had seen on discogs that this was credited to 'unknown artist' I would have known better but in my haste I grabbed it.  Yes indeed, it is some random musicians cranking through the setlist, including the Steely Dan title cut.  The vocalist on that one is an odd bird, it is hard to define what he was going for but it is not true to the original.  Great cover art though.

I should have grabbed this! I took a pic because the cover is outrageous (back cover is just as good),
but now I see I already own 10 albums with Mr. Baretto's performances!
Worse yet this record even seems to have some small value.  Damn!
I think he wanted $10 for the 4 records.  I offered him a $20 and told him to keep the change.  I offered that he let me inside to see his larger collection for 10 minutes.  If I found anything I wanted, he picks the price, if he doesn't want to sell it, then we let it be.  He wouldn't budge.

The below photos were taken from and uploaded by the seller and seem to perhaps evidence his hoarder behaviors.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Hog Days 2017 Flea Market, Kewanee IL

Always a highlight of my summer, Hog Days did not disappoint this year.  In between the metric ton of pork I consumed, there was actually a record vendor at the flea market! Very nice collection, everything was bagged and individually priced and they had a 'premium' section with some nice wares as well.  I didn't grab anything, and I eventually left the vinyl below behind which I have come to greatly regret.  The title and cover art caught my eye, I was convinced it was a band but this is actually a compilation of no-name metal bands from the early 80s.  Looks like it is also part of a series which contains further releases of no-name metal bands from the early 80s.  This one here seems to also be the first release from this label.  Should have grabbed it!