Sunday, July 23, 2017

South Jax Antique Mall [Jacksonville IL]

Man I love antique malls.  I love having a nice afternoon to myself, after my work is done, when I am out in the middle of nowhere and an antique mall to dig through.  It is relaxing and the kind of 'smell the flowers' activity we all need to take in for ourselves regularly, one way or another.

I love looking at old stuff, call it what you will: 'antiques' or just 'junk'.  But there are always the odd bin of crummy vinyl lurking around corners in these places.

Jacksonville is a nice place, quiet and peaceful.  The most remarkable thing about it perhaps is that my cell phone actually is 'roaming' when I am there (I have since been back), and I've taken my phone many different places and to two other countries without incident! I don't care about the roaming so much as I don't pay the bill, but data transfer (even small stuff) takes ages.  A good time to 'unplug' and just relax.

I did come out of here with some Pyrex, as I have mentioned many times both my girlfriend and myself collect.  I dug all the records you see here but didn't come across anything worthy of note.  No matter.  I just like the adventure.  I already have over 700 records.  How many more do I need? I could retire entirely and be happy (and have trouble getting through all this vinyl) or I can try to take a step back and enjoy the process.  Which I think I do!

It is something of an antique mall tradition that when you get rung up, the person behind the counter uses this old school table to calculate your tax because they almost never have legit cash registers.    They had one here and it looked like it had been in service for a long, long time.  I know I've said it above, but my #1 memory of this place is peace and serenity.  I long to go back.  I hope I do before long.

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