Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Meadowthorpe Antique Mall [Lexington KY]

Just spittin' distance from Goodwill I found a treat in the Meadowthorpe Antique Mall.  And antique malls ALWAYS have vinyl.  It may be overpriced - it may be junk, but vinyl nonetheless.  And I'm no snob.

There isn't much out there that is more fun that wandering through an antique mall looking for records and other interesting things, especially when you are in from out of town and have time to kill.  This place was big enough that it becomes difficult to make sure you cover it all and don't miss a back corner or something.

Magazine racks are often jammed with a handful of old platters, you have to keep your eyes open at all times so you don't miss anything!

When you're at the end of the supply chain, I understand that you are going to mark up your products highly to stay afloat.  I also understand that many people that shop in places like this will allow ridiculous prices (and even pay them) when something is considered (in their mind) as an 'antique'.  You can't zoom in enough here, but that picture disc is marked at $30.  On 10 copies sold over two years in the marketplace: $5.97 Average $4.19 Median $16.17 Highest $2.57 Lowest.  So WOW.  And that picture sleeve can currently be had for 70 cents on discogs as well!

I'll save you the accounting analysis and breakdown on this release after you sat through it on the picture disc above.  I'll also save you $6 by telling you to go down to your local Goodwill and get this for $1 like I did so long ago.

This one is intriguing.  It was inside of a glass case, hiding in the corner.  I can't find out much about the artist besides that he put out this single and a full length as well.  I think he is also a Christian musician also but I might be wrong.

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