Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Goodwill, Kewanee IL

Visited the Kewanee Goodwill a number of times with varying results.  Had an interesting visit on this late April afternoon as I dodged a tough rain storm.  There were a nice selection of legit 70s-80s rock albums, just one after the other, I was surprised to find them all together in any Goodwill and definitely here, way out west.

I ended up going for Double Fantasy and the Player s/t debut.  The latter is an important bookend to my well rounded soft rock collection; the Lennon/Ono collab I grabbed just because the condition looked good and I knew this would sell for more in any record store (and you just aren't going to encounter this in a thrift store).  The Aerosmith doesn't interest me but surely would entice many other customers.  The America album was released just after their peak but still not something you run across every day.

But it was the late 60s comp that caught my eye.  Unfortunately, there was no vinyl inside the jacket but this gem contains a number of hits which I have been prowling for 45s on for a good while.  All The Buckingham's hits from my home town are favorites since childhood and track A2 is no exception.  Track A4 is a lesser known semi-hit for an obscure band who's biggest smash is far more well known.  Track A9 is a garage rocker that I don't think many people outside of that generation (and many who were part of it) are aware of, I surely am - that raucous and dirty sound is a real turn on for me.  And the opener for the second side is a really solid track that I only really became acquainted with in the past half a year or so.  Even more intriguing is an alternate version of this release with no record company info anywhere on the jacket or center labels, and an different cover to boot! Definitely on the look out for either.

I was a bit disappointed when I reached the counter to find that these records were individually priced, apparently Goodwill knew they had some nice platters on their hands and wanted to take advantage.  Had I known, I'd have left the Lennon LP behind.  After all, I already have the single that most interests me.  But as they didn't attempt a downright rape, I anted up and got out of there, dodging the rain drops on a sprint to the car with my new scores.

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