Saturday, April 22, 2017

The next generation of GR thrifting

Never give up, kids.  Keep on looking.  32 trips - god knows how many records.  There are always new frontiers, you must be patient.  Bethany's was new to me and probably new(er) to GR.  Did they have records.  This, I did not know.  I do now.

I darted in and made for the book section.  No vinyl.  But where were the CDs? I didn't see any.  Well I found those, but nothing doing.  I started to hang my head...then, wait - there! My platters!

This was a pretty slick selection for a thrift store, no matter the kind.  Individually priced records, many were bagged and a solid handful of near rarities.  I left with nothing but enjoyed the perusal.  First up was the old picture sleeve and even better the single to the right.  That one has been on my want list for a while but I wasn't interested in a reissue, and it also has a picture sleeve of it's own.  I can wait.

Next up was the alternate (original) title of Gord's big hit.  I had been aware of this for a while and I do have the other title.  I've never come across one of these and apparently the store knew its value.  It was overpriced at $6 even with the original inner sleeve.  If I splurge on something like this, I'd like the first press.

They also had the debut from BS&T.  I am an Al Kooper fan (the Blues Project LP I grabbed a couple summers ago is still a favorite) but it was a tad worn and again just a dollar or two rich for my blood. And I must admit (don't tell Al), I do prefer DCT on vocals.

I also saw a weird Genesis 12" single and even America's big one which you don't come across in thrift stores very often (or ever).  Neither of those interested me enough to put them in the collection, but they were fun to look at.  But even more fun was that there was another thrift shop just about 1/4 mile down the road, so I left my truck behind and sauntered on over.

This place had just one lonely bin.  The Kenny Loggins up front was somewhat of a good sign perhaps, and the Cat Stevens that followed (replete with it's heavy cardboard lyric insert) was even more so.  But we went downhill quick from there.

The bin itself may have been of more value but as noted above, it was not for sale (ditto the cabinet it sat on).  Oh bother! They did however have what looked like most of the discography from The Heralders Quartet.  Though perhaps all that bible study had the fellas neglecting math because I swore a quartet was four....

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