Sunday, April 30, 2017

St. John's Lutheran Thrift Shop [La Porte IN]

La Porte is kind of a grimy old town, new customer I never visited before and while I've been all over Indiana (and NW Indiana specifically), never been here before.  My work was pretty pleasant, there is nothing better then hitting the road for a day trip on a Friday, it's like ending your week early.  So afterwards I ducked into this little thrift shop in search of vinyl with low expectations but a good attitude nonetheless.


Well, nothing to see here.  Mostly religious junk with a smattering of useless orchestral tunes to fill out the crate.  But a nice quiet store with a couple other people digging through their collectibles of choice and a lady behind the counter who gave me a friendly, small town smile as I exited the premises empty handed.

The coolest part about the trip was that there was an old abondonded school across the street, here in this residential neighborhood.  Lots of windows were busted out and the date above the door says 1893! It's a shame that in this day and age there surely isn't enough cash to go around in a place like La Porte to turn this place into something useful or maintain it somehow.  I'm sure that the church that ran it still exists but that is a big undertaking to get a place this big functional.  But what a waste, this building was built to last.  I waited about 10 minutes for a couple parked cars to leave so I could get the angle I wanted.  I took many others and none were great, I had some fun processing this one in my truck and I'm happy with it.

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