Thursday, March 16, 2017

Books N' More [Bemidji MN] (POST 300!)


After striking out big time at the Goodwill in town, I gave up as I have already been all over MN.  But our last day in town, we were at breakfast at the 'Minnesota Nice Cafe' (horrible name, nice place, good food) and I checked my phone and saw Books N' More just a couple blocks away.  Book stores often carry a few records (at least), so I was trying to scan their website and the pics on Google Maps to see if I could spot some vinyl.  It didn't take long - the first pic on their maps profile showed a wall of DVDs and two three-tier bins beneath.  Only problem is that it was about 8 degrees but of course we toughed it out.


The bins were unfortunately pretty well packed with junk.  But I checked each one before I gave up.  The clerk was behind the desk running an industrial grade CD duplicator and swapping the CD-Rs out constantly, it was pretty impressive.  It looked like it was dubbing two CDs every minute or so.  We browsed through the books and I glanced at the vintage video game stuff which was kind of cool. Still, the vibe in the store was warm and inviting, they had some arcade stand ups running and they were nice on the way in and the way out.  Nice place.

More importantly, this is now the 300th post on this blog which I am infinitely impressed with.  As cliched as it may sound, I can't believe I've come this far and I never really even had intentions to.  I just did what I thought made sense and covered where I went, it wasn't until I was well down the road that I started seeking out new spots just so I could blog (and of course, check out the vinyl).  This is my life's work in a lot of ways, as small as it may be and I often think about that when I get down, how proud I am of all of this.  So here's to 300 more!

found a handful of picture sleeve 7" but nothing doing

This was literally the coolest thing I found.  It is a Time Life record - I didn't even bother to look inside.

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