Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Traderbakers Flea Market [Carrolton KY]

This place sold itself as a 'flea market' but by my definition it was an antique mall.  We can argue about the actual goods and whether they qualify as 'antiques' or not but the biggest thing was that the items here were on consignment and a flea market to me has to involve interaction with the seller.  I found enough time to stop in here and on a 9 night/10 day/1800 mile trip this was the highlight.  I just KNEW there would be some records in there and my experience proved to have educated my intuition.

There were only two booths that had records - when I found the first one, there was a fellow digger already hard at work so I immediately departed the scene to let him be.  Those situation are tough but the cubicles are small and I wouldn't want to have someone infringe on my personal space when I am deep in the game.  Plus I have to make myself believe that the other person has tastes that are totally dissimilar from my own and if they did indeed walk away with a giant stack, I had nothing to worry about because it was nothing I wanted.  This is what I tell myself so I don't have a conniption fit while I pace in circles just outside their view.  Luckily I did not have to do it for long.

I jumped in there and got to work, didn't find anything besides some strangely bundled piles of LPs for sale at bulk rates (see below).  Finally in the 45s I found a bizarre import picture sleeve from Spain - no way I was passing this up.  Great track and easy to pack away on my long journey from which I would not be returning home for a long time.


I found a second stop a short time later with some more vinyls in crates - not much here.  I ran into my buddy who I waited on earlier and asked if he found anything else, he confirmed that just the two spots had records.


Later, I proved this wrong by finding a handful of other booths that had just a small pile or a single crate.

I love antique malls when they are quiet like this one and you can slowly just kind of root around in the place.  They had one booth full of laundry detergent in 5 gallon buckets, concocted from some kind of concentrate.  The seller even left the MSDS sheets but they were speared by a peg on a pegboard.  I've seen this in flea markets before (which again, this place wasn't by my measurement), must be a real side business the world over.  They had all types of junk in here, my colleague bought a belt buckle and some chocolate covered pretzels.  They have it all at Traderbakers!


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