Thursday, February 23, 2017

Savers [Providence RI]

Knocking Rhode Island off my list feels like a legitimate accomplishment.  Perhaps it is irrational, while strangely logical in my warped brain, that the smallest state would be the last state I would visit.  I got into town in the afternoon with plans to leave the next day via train for New Haven.  I only had a couple hours to get out there and find something before it was time for dinner and then bed time.  Of course, I had done my homework well ahead of time and knew I had a Savers within walking distance.

The east coast had gotten hammered with a blizzard the weekend before.  It had warmed a bit so the roads were clear but I found my path totally obstructed with heaps of snow on the last stretch of Branch Ave as it crosses route 95.  So I alternated between running in the road (which is basically a highway at that point) and tromping through the snow, which was not quite hard enough to support me most of the time so I’d fall through.

I finally arrived and darted inside and found the records immediately.  I grabbed a couple platters for my knees as the ground was wet and I only had one pair of pants for my 4 day trip.  I found absolutely nothing of value and got the hell out of there.  Onward and upward, to raw clams and local beer.

State #25 - COMPLETED! 

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