Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Pawsibilities Thrift Shop [Fort Mill SC]

I was down in NC yet again and procured a vehicle - with my new found freedom I took advantage of the fact that South Carolina was only about 30 minutes away! My geography skills are quite lacking it seems but no matter - with wheels beneath me I set out to see what I could find in these new lands!

Pawsibilities is an animal charity as the name implies, I did call to make sure they had records before I came out and after a short wait on hold, my dreams were confirmed.  The place was actually packed and I had to park on the street as the lot was full.

Unfortunately, my short trip was nothing doing; just some muddled old junk piled in a heap.  Still, I'd have made the trip even if I had been warned of such a possibility.  For this is the life I have chosen, and share with you here.

The only release worthy of note and one of my favorite covers ever.

This is state #22 for those of you counting.  I have already hit two more east coast states since this visit and I have two more on deck for a trip (not business related for once) in the coming weeks.  This won't leave much except for the 5 states between Kentucky and Texas - no idea when I'll be able to hit any of those but my time will come no doubt!

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