Saturday, February 11, 2017

Mountain Mission [Charleston WV]

Mountain Mission is a charitable organization with a soup kitchen and such, as well as a thrift store on their clean grounds in Charleston.  Things started off quite auspiciously when we parked and got out, there was a glass of Kool Aid or iced tea, with ice still in the cup, just sitting in the middle of the lot.  And not a soul around...

Can I get you something to drink?

I had called in advance to assure the presence of fine vinyls awaiting a dig and I found them in the rear of the shop on the bottom shelf of a book lined wooden rack.  I found nothing of interest save for one strange foreign platter which hailed from Greece.  With its toilet paper quality jacket, I knew it came from across the big drink.  I left it here, in West Virginia and got onto more pressing matters like a bahn mi at Yen's Sandwiches and moved on, southeast bound....

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