Sunday, January 15, 2017

Record Flippin'

Far from the reason I collect, but worthy of note are two long term investments I made which I was recently able to turn.  I was able to scoop these no doubt because I did check their value and desirability on discogs but when you are flipping hundreds of records, experience allows me to notice something that seems out of place.  In many ways, lots of records seem out of place but checking all of them (or even a portion) would lead to pretty inefficient digging.  You just get intuition that something is special - even if not to me.  Both of these records I priced very liberally (low) and allowed users to send me offers, I just wanted to move them.  Ironically, it doesn't look like either buyer bothered to make an offer, they just grabbed it at the listed price.

The first was an odd abstract hip hop 10" I found on 11/15/15.  It sold on 1/5/17.  I paid 99 cents - I sold it for $14! 

Item number two was much more recent, I grabbed it on 8/20/16.  It sold on 10/14/16 - less than two months! I purchased this for 99 cents but technically it was less as I jammed it inside an empty (and autographed!) jacket.  That jacket in itself is worth certainly more than a buck to me so I feel like I got this one for free.  Either way, I turned this one around for $20!

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