Saturday, December 24, 2016

Record Theatre [Buffalo NY]

I visited Buffalo on the same work related issue almost exactly two months prior.  This time I came back not for a high pressure meeting (October's work) but a high pressure session of service work for which I predicted many people would look over my shoulder and nit pick me half to death.  But before the misery always comes pleasure, when possible.  So I departed from the airport directly to Record Theatre and not my hotel as so many others might have considered.

$30 later (what a rip off, can't wait until Uber's powerful lobbyists defeat the taxi unions in NY state) I arrived in a quiet part of town across the street from a college.  I made my entrance with a deep sigh as I hate shopping in record stores, as ridiculous as such a view might seem from someone who has a blog about record collecting.  The answer is of course that I revel in garage sales, basements, thrift stores and other hell holes but you know that by now, faithful readers.

As usual, I walked around like a scared child, lost in the mall, their parents disappeared off in the food court or wandering the parking lot looking for the minivan with (most of) the kids in tow.  I gravitated to the 7"s as I saw they were alphabetized and in sleeves.  I found a couple Tom Jones Parrot singles and saw that one I did not have.  So I started clutching that as I blindly pretended to know what I was looking for, casually pretending to look for things carrying on.

I came across a very mildly interesting bossa nova record that I didn't need and almost didn't even want.  But it was only a couple bucks and 'I guess I might as well buy something.'

Then the flood gates opened.  I don't remember what I found first because it was a blur.  Somewhere in here I put the Sergio record back because my scores were so vast.  I looked at the Bob Gates stuff and not only was everything I need there but it was all under $5.  I had to hold back so I returned the copy of Three and tried to compose myself as I clutched my existing scores tighter, ever vigilant against non-existent thieves who knew what I had and determined I was not worthy.  Was this my own inner collector's self-worth speaking, channeled by the good fortune I was living and refusing to accept it?

K.* & J.J.* - Israel
Already one of my favorite (or at least most played) 3000 series CTI cuts, I was pleased to find the promo version (now have four promos from that series) and for only $5.  Too good to be true.

Tom Jones - Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings
They had a nice stash of mixed Parrot era Tom, was glad to find this one in mono as I already have the stereo version.  Only his first six came in both formats, of the 18 he produced for that label.  I put some serious work into a nice spreadsheet that I have made in varying degrees of completion over the years, this one melted my brain and made me want to take a nap, badly.  Glad it's done and gladder to share it wit you.

Flora Purim - Carry On
I have seven of eight of her Milestone Records catalog and while I still want the last one (though it looks like it might have been released by that label only in the UK?), it is not difficult for me to pass on post-Milestone work (of which this would be the first).  That is of course, unless it is a 'label copy' with generic sleeve, internal memo attached, generic center labels and all for a fiver.  Are you kidding???

Max Webster - High Class In Borrowed Shoes
A little disappointed that it isn't the Canadian version but I've enjoyed the other I grabbed so much (also USA version) this was an easy decision, especially for only $2 and still in its shrink.

I securely my stash close against my chest and darted to the counter to square up and head out.  But the fun wasn't over - they urged me to enter a raffle for one of many prizes and of course I did.


They were all for various 'prize packs': vinyl, maybe a T-shirt or poster thrown in, that kind of thing.  Only one really appealed to me.

I have been faithfully listening to 'Nothings Shocking' since about 7th grade...I wasn't even aware of this box set but this definitely appeals to me and I'd love to own it.  Fingers crossed...


I walked about a block back to the train, which I rode south into downtown and my hotel.  I checked in and had a few beers with lunch which was followed by a nice nap.  My perfect day continued with an awesome dinner and even more beer as our start the next day got pushed back to 9:30am (ended up not starting until almost 11am).  So all in all, a damn near perfect trip!

Not to forget: my colleague from Buffalo who met with me for dinner eagerly listened to my wondrous tales in his city and when he heard I was a vinyl collector, he offered to let me peruse a box of singles he had.  He brought them in the next morning and I had a look while I ate my breakfast.

Found quite a few worthy of note and walked away with a single I already own the 12" of, but am a giant fan of.  I do still consider this to be a great song for checking your sound system, learned that while testing a PA in a friend's bar many moons ago.  A moment I'll remember for a long time to come - much like my idyllic repose in Buffalo!

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