Sunday, October 2, 2016

Garage Sale, Addison

Nothing better than waking up Saturday morning and checking your phone in bed and seeing on that there is a garage sale with records you can bike to that morning.

Unless it's raining.

And you have to suddenly go to work.

When all that was done I drove over there and found some major confusion on the map regarding the location, as this street starts and stops in a couple different towns.  After many episodes of pulling over and checking the map, I finally saw the rain soaked sign and knew I was close.

The garage was packed with stuff, laid out on tables and I saw the records in the back.  They were crammed in a couple boxes and a bunch had been damaged as a result of leaning on each other, I don't see this happen to this degree even in thrift stores very often.  Some others were tragically water damaged.  Almost grabbed a nice 70s comp but passed.  Finally settled on a mid 80s reissue in really nice condition, which was even more remarkable considering how tore up many of these were.  This may be one of the last garage sales of the year so I'm glad I came across such interesting stuff and was able to scoop something.

This gem was even autographed - three copies have sold for over $40 on discogs, should have grabbed it.

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