Thursday, September 29, 2016

'Laser Beam' crate (2 of 4)

So I have continued my work building four crates to move some of the weight of my vinyl collection out of my office and across the floor plan of my condo.  When you worry about your record collection busting through the floor due to it's mammoth size....yeah, you have a problem. However unfounded my worries may be.

So I discarded (recycled) my old CRT television in the living room, I had not watched it in years.  I watch the TV in my bedroom where I have an antenna hooked up and my DVD player connected.  It had to have weighed 125 lbs.  I carried it (somehow) down 2 flights of stairs and across the street to the electronics dump in my village.  It was brutal.  But now I have room.  I have two shelves open to hold two bins each.  Bin #1 stores my CTI 3000 and general CTI collection.  This bin - named the laser beam bin due to its use of angles - currently holds my polka collection which isn't very big but growing.

So as referenced above, I wanted to incorporate some angled cuts on this one.  My chop saw has a jig to accommodate all angles so I tried to figure out the best way to put some simple 45 degree cuts into the mix.

I notched the sides of the lower part of the bin manually with a hand saw.  Alas, I may have been a bit ambitious as it is not a perfect cut.  But I suppose it is perfect enough, I acknowledge I may be peering at the thing through a microscope since I am naturally critical of my builds.

Again, I used only 1x4 and 1x6 and total lumber cost was only about $20.  I tested the limits of the Kreg jig as often it was difficult to find a place that I could use it on small angled sides.  Again (the last time!) I stained the box but this time I tried to do a lighter coat and really worked to rub away any excess.  It is an interesting look no doubt, a contrast to the heavy layers I applied on my other works previously.  I am looking forward to trying some new varnish or stain, etc on the final two boxes.  I already have some free lumber lined up....stay tuned!

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