Saturday, August 6, 2016

J&S Antiques, Manlius IL

Had my eye on this for a couple years, it is right at the Interstate 80 interchange but never had time to stop.  Made time on this journey and it was worth it as we found a bunch of crates of 7" right inside the front door.  I did not buy anything at all for myself, but I did see plenty, and I grabbed one of those 7" records for my girlfriend's mom to play on her new record player we had just gotten her.

Otherwise it was unremarkable.  There were plenty of booths with vinyl and the place was nicely laid out and pretty clean and well organized.  It had good character and charm and was pleasant to hang out in.  I always assumed this was in Sheffield, and the now abandoned Sheffield Diner next door seems to attest to that.  But check out the numerous artifacts I found celebrating Manlius, which I had never heard of.  The map may say one thing, but the locals know better.

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