Saturday, August 6, 2016

Garage Sale, Wood Dale

I've had some serious garage sale guilt for not hitting more sales this year but things are finally picking up.  I hit 8 in 2015 I believe so not sure if I'll keep the pace but I am surely trying. revealed this one a scant 3 mile round trip from my work.  I snuck away on a Friday afternoon via bike and was pleasantly surprised.

Don't let the musical number up front in the crate fool you - there was some nice classic rock era stuff in here.  I left behind a truly intriguing record by a French-Moroccan rock group that still has me thinking.  But I did walk away with the debut from a group who's follow up I already have and enjoy.  The propreitor tried to fleece me at $5 for the thing.  I accepted the $4 I offered and he should be glad to get it.  Already spun through both sides and it was pleasant background as I did some work around the house.  I snagged something for my girl and I'm still not sure if she had it already or not.  If its a dupe, she can give it to her mom who will definitely accept and enjoy it.  Hope I can hit more quick sales like this before the snow starts to fall.

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