Monday, July 25, 2016

'Special Request Card'

I've run across things like this before.  Found this one at Goodwill Addison.  I find it so interesting not just to see the history of a piece of vinyl in my hands but the peoples name's and addresses...thinking about them and knowing what their taste is in music and wondering what became of them.

This is a generic 'special order' card which is in this case being used by the US Navy.  The little horses and covered wagon in the lower right is an interesting logo, I did some research but couldn't come up with anything.  The Naval base in New London is actually a submarine base which is pretty intense.  Looks like Lt. Howland lived only about 10 miles away from there.

The choice in albums is interesting, most people wouldn't take the chance on the LP and would just grab the single.  So I commend Lt. Howland for not being a periphery listener, and someone willing to dive into a full album.  Also worthy of note that he special ordered this album three years after it came out.  Maybe he had a copy back in 1966 and lost it and wanted another.

$4.98 seems pretty expensive for a new LP - looks like that is about $32 in today's money! Especially considering that the heartless bastards actually stapled the card right through the whole jacket! Lucky they didn't tag the vinyl! I hope Lt. Howland enjoyed the record and I'd like to thank him for his service.

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