Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mired in Morris

Did a run through Morris on my way out west and hit up the old haunts.  St. Vincent continues to get worse in the vinyl department, the one remaining crate is even more in the back of the store, over by the bathrooms now.  It held nothing but junk, save for an ED&JFC album you don't see too often.

We got out of there and headed over to Goodwill and as predicted, the bin was packed with junk.  I didn't care, and just kind of relaxed and looked at the books while my girlfriend continued checking out the housewares and clothes.  Then near the books, I noticed another stack of vinyl on the ground.  This is a good 10' away from the actual record bin and I almost missed it!

you can see the actual record bin in the distance
I guess I was due after my polka near-miss recently in Algonquin.  As I mentioned after that visit, I do my best to limit my polka collection.  And Jimmy Sturr is totally off my radar but this release seemed odd.  It was a double album for starters, and there was a date - 1978.  This is long before he won any Grammys.  And best of all, it has what I call a 'toilet paper jacket', this is the super cheap card stock that feels like its been water damaged even when it hasn't, I have some European records that use this.  All of this led me to believe that this is one of his first releases.  No doubt still with a very small value, but a large value to me to know I have one of the first.  It is on a no-name 'record label' and the center labels are red on one record and blue on the other - very cool.  Unfortunately I gave it a listen the other day and its pretty corny, many of the songs have a bunch of women singing and it sounds like music for a cartoon as a result.  The instrumentals however are nice and I'm still glad I grabbed it.

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