Sunday, June 26, 2016

Wax Pax Records and Toys, Roselle [POST #250]

I have been to a couple combination record/toy stores.  It is a strange combination but it is more common then logic would have you believe.  I am sure that this store must be somehow related to the Quake store just a couple miles away and have found fleeting evidence to support that, but nothing concrete.  This is really close to my parent's house, and I go there every Thursday if I can but alas, they are closed on Thursdays! This week, I made it on Wednesday so I knew I should take advantage when I could.

The setup is so identical to Quake that it's like I was teleported.  A very similar selection but about double the quantity.  Prices are often at a premium but that is to be expected when you are buying records at a....toy store.  I saw a 70s prog-rock classic I have been consistently on the lookout for for years but I wasn't willing to part with $20 for it.  Even half of that would be on the high end unless this was in staggering condition.  I also found the exact same (I even checked if perhaps it was mono, not that this would add much value, or any) box set I just purchased a week before for $1....for $15!


I did not purchase anything but the owner chased after me to give me a card and let me know to keep an eye on Facebook for updates on new arrivals which was really nice.

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