Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Goodwill [Terre Haute IN]

There are actually two Goodwills in town, luckily I was able to stop at one. I was still driving into town when I saw it, I felt like it was morally questionable to be thrifting when my customer was waiting for me but I knew it would only be five minutes. It was on the way and I'd get out so late that I'd miss even Goodwill's late 8pm close.

They didn't have many records and there was truly nothing worthy of note. I did later accidentally find a Disc Replay in town but unlike the one 'back home' in Joliet, this one did not have records. Later still that night I realized that I was just a couple miles from Headstone Friends. I had to research my own life and try to figure out when and why I had been this way before. Sometimes it's just a blur.  The next day on my way home I swerved to check out a Goodwill in Dyer.  I walked inside and saw the place was under construction - zero signs (or how about locking the doors?) or anything.  Not a very profitable trip!

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