Sunday, May 22, 2016

Starship Records [Waukesha WI]

This trip was marked by a few interesting things:

1) I didn't sleep well the night before, I slept at my parents house and my dad likes to get up at about 4:45am and take a VERY LONG shower and rustle around the house for an hour or more before he goes to work.  So I laid in bed but woke up at about 5am.

2) I had to drive to Sussex to meet with a customer and meetings sometimes wear me out more than just working, the talking talking talking....I mean I do love the sound of my own voice but even I have limits.

3) I drank a bunch of coffee before I left and then some iced tea with lunch and I had to pee so bad when I was in this record store I wanted to hook up a catheter. 

4) I finally stopped to pee afterwards and when I left the gas station I backed into a huge barrier like an idiot and busted up the back bumper on the company vehicle.  I drove that truck all the way home from Mobile Alabama not to mention the 1000s of miles I log in bad weather, etc...I haven't hit ANYTHING since I was about 18.

5) Half of this store was closed off for remodeling and that included their jazz and country sections.  So I didn't spend much time in here for that reason, not to mention the others above.

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