Saturday, April 2, 2016

T-ampa T-hrift T-rouble aka T^3

I have hunted in Florida and Tampa a couple times specifically before.  However, those trips were strictly on my own personal holidays while this trip was business related.  My time was precious but my colleague had a rental car which I commandeered and set out to see what I could see! 

I called the Collection Connection to ask if they had any records and got a 'yes', so I scooted over there.  When I arrived, a woman was outside smoking and as I walked past she stopped me and asked if I was the guy that just called about records.  That's never occurred before - something about me just reeks of records! So in I went and along one wall in the back was a bunch of crates.

I actually found one of those loose from its jacket then went back to find its jacket and match it up.  The obsessive in me could not help this small game of mah jong.  And you don't see that Eng record everyday!
I constantly seem to find more and more Johnny Rivers songs that I like, and I am constantly on the lookout for the collaborative album he did with Jimmy Webb.  This looks like it is more or less his debut and I have some remorse over not grabbing it.  
As I walked out (empty handed), the kind clerk asked if I had found anything and I said thanks, but no.  "But wait...there's more!" - she had another stash in a locked case (you can see the Elvis record on top of the pile, shrouded by other junk).  I looked through them all, they were individually priced $10-$25....nothing of interest.  So I made my way out.

The next day I headed in the opposite direction during some more downtime to check out Hidden Treasures.  This was a much smaller store with a smaller selection of vinyl.  Alas, nothing of interest but still worth the trip (as I seem to so often say!)

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