Saturday, April 30, 2016

St. Vincent [Portage WI]

As I returned from a totally fruitless journey from central Wisconsin, I was rewarded with a bevy of vinyl, the likes of which never before seen!  I stumbled upon just one more store that I had to inspect on my way.  My work vehicle runs on E85 so I have to plot my stops for fuel, I checked the map and did some quick navigation to see that Portage was on the way and looked large enough to have a few gas stations.  So I got off the expressway and on the 3 mile ride to the station, I rolled right past yet another St. Vincent!

I decided to fuel up first, and stop by on the way back.  I did, and I rolled quietly inside to see what could be seen.  As has happened so many times before, I saw no vinyl.  When that happens, I look for books as they are often displayed together.  I saw the sign, and I was magnetized into the back room...

Surrounded by bookshelves on all walls, the record bin sat happily in the middle of the floor.  Less happy was me; it held nothing of interest.  So, I carried on.....

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