Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Goodwill, Elmhurst (and Marion Lush^2)

Another weekend, another couple days spent at the 'usual haunts'.  And for once, I got lucky.

With my arm bent firmly behind my back, I was convinced to go over to Goodwill Elmhurst just before close.  There was a mountain of 45s in there and while 'naked' 45s usually are a real turnoff (how crass), I took the time to go through them all.  And alas, there were  a bunch of Parrot singles in there!

I had all but one, but no matter, I'll take what I can get! But my luck did not run out there - hiding in plain sight are the Chicago polka albums strewn around the area.  Now that I am actively searching, they are blatantly in bins everywhere I look.

To wit, the next morning (Sunday) over at St. V's, I found ANOTHER! Oh, my luck! You'll notice the reciept says "x11" - meaning I bought 11 records.  This is because besides the LP, I grabbed 10 junk 7" singles to use as business cards - more on that soon.  In the meantime, feast your eyes on my newest creation, with the St. V's record in it as well as my precious business cards! And this, but $9 of CDX plywood, assembled with the Kreg jig my girlfriend got me for my birthday!

-Marion lush albums
- st Vincent reciept 

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