Saturday, March 5, 2016

Bronco Resale, Berkeley

I have had my eye on this place for a long time but never made the trip.  On an unseasonably warm weekend, I made the bike ride from Elmhurst out to Berkeley and back.  I was rewarded for my work!

Google maps has some misinformation which I have pending fixes already submitted on.  It has two seperate entities listed for the same address: Bronco Resale and Walter Lutheran Thrift Store but as you can see on the sign above, they are one in the same.  I called in advance as I often do to make sure they had records and did they ever!

I pulled out not one but two barbershop albums - one of which was still sealed! First up was a record I would normally not be interested in.  Barbershop choruses and regional competitions both fall outside the realm of my obsession.  However this album has an appearance from the 72 champs on four tracks and as previously alluded to, was sealed! It was not in the discogs database so of course I took great glee in adding it.  Then I found a previously undocumented album from the international champs a scant 21 years previous! Quartets predating approximately the mid 60s generally don't tickle my fancy either but this one had a brochure stuffed in it advertising two other LPs, one of which I have. So I had to have this as well.  I also spotted a bunch of Engelbert records and while of course I already had all of them, one had an interesting POS sticker.  I have fallen victim to the allures of such things previously (at Dodds).  This one was not enticing enough but indeed interesting: I was aware that the LP was essentially a bit of promo for the show (the font of the album title, specifically) but never saw it spelled out as such before.


All in all a nice place in a convenient location to which I shall certainly return!

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