Saturday, January 9, 2016

St. Vincent, Morris IL

Hadn't stopped into the Morris St. V's in a while, so a quick fly through was in order on a trip out west.  I was a bit shocked to find that the bin of records had dwindled substantially since my first visit and now contained only a handful of 45s - no LPs in sight.

The 45s were junk but just as I had pulled a trio of jukebox 7"s out of there last time (with strips), when I removed all the records a beautiful menagerie of jukebox strips fell artistically into place.  Alot of obscure country here - I enjoyed looking up the artists I had not heard of  to read about their background.

I inquired at the counter about where all the LPs had gone...her answer was vague but she did tell me that she had a handful of stuff they kept behind the counter, due to its appraised value.  Generally I'd say that it wasn't too far off, considering the condition seemed to be pretty good.  None of them interested me however ($20 records rarely do) so I passed on the vinyl, then passed through town an onto my final destination.

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