Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sherwood Antique Mall, Princeton IL

The day after Thanksgiving is always a good day to thrift.  I was out west - last time around I investigated some cool antique malls in Geneseo.  This time, we headed over to nearby Princeton and a spot I found on Google maps with little other info to give.

We were not disappointed.  As expected, a good portion of the vendors had records.  You had to double back sometimes, it might be just a small stack tucked somewhere, and amongst the other bric-a-brac sometimes they would just blend in.

Early on, I found what would be my biggest score: a Sweet Adelines album from 1955! It is pretty beat up but its more than playable and for $1 you learn to ignore some shortcomings on the packaging.  I saw some other possibilities throughout the day but nothing I took very seriously.  My girlfriend grabbed some vinyl and I got some Pyrex as well as a vintage Budweiser glass which I enjoyed drinking out of that very night.

the 7" in this blurry pic wasnt the track (its only a b-side) I hoped it was.  Oh well, I got the LP a while ago

barbershop around every corner...

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