Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Orland Park Roundabout

In my continuing effort to take down all the Chicagoland St. Vincent thrift stores, we rose (relatively, for a Sunday) early to head south (after following the opposite heading on our last jaunt) to Orland Park for yet another excursion.

Records aside, this was one of the nicest record bins I've ever seen.  In many ways, someone had a lot of fun building this - there is some unnecessary flair added here and there and I have no problem with that! I've built some bins of my own and I respect the carpenter behind this one!

the two tiers of the bin were separated nicely and Eng watches always

I must admit minor criticism for using screws here to fasten trim but that aside, we have trim on top of trim here.  Nice thick coating of paint also - nice work!

The records inside the bin did not prove to be as desirable but they surely were interesting.  I do believe this is the first time I've seem someone turn a record into a Monopoly board.  It seemed strikingly accurate.


Having left empty handed, we trudged on to the nearby Goodwill in search of something more.  Indeed we were rewarded! Perhaps one of my all time Goodwill scores.

Bertie Higgins - Just Another Day In Paradise 
I scooped up the 7" a while back - no way I was going to pass on the LP in this condition (MINT!!)

Music From The Television Series "Miami Vice" 
I just got my brother a homemade gift for his birthday.  He has a special attachment to 'You Belong To The City' so I got him the picture sleeve 7", then framed the sleeve and vinyl, plus an uncut sleeve of jukebox strips - I wanted to keep it for myself! No need now - I have the whole LP.

Steve Perry - Street Talk
I never come across this and I might have passed on track A1.  But A4 - I always thought that was a Journey song; had to have it.

A venerable array of good records, left behind for the next digger (though one was empty)

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