Wednesday, November 18, 2015


About a year ago, I followed a lead on to a listing that claimed they had piles and piles of records.  It was about a 5 mile ride, and it wasn't very nice out: windy and cold, late fall Chicago.  But I soldiered through it as thoughts of big scores and a library of vinyl danced in my mind.

But when I arrived, I was all alone.  No signs, no flags, no....anything.  I checked the address and double checked it.  I went down the alley - no people, no open doors.  Normally I'd dismiss this instantly but as the sale was described, it was too good to walk away from that easily.

So I decided I wasn't going to leave without some kind of closure, or attempt at it, and I knocked on the front door. A man answered and we spoke awkwardly through the screen door.  He explained that he did have some records but the sale was 'postponed' and that if I wanted to give him my number, he would let me know when it was rescheduled for.  He handed me a paper and pen through a tiny crack in the door and of course I gave him my info.  But I was sure he would never call - I get these kind of BS offers all the time.  It never keeps me from offering to network but I am usually pretty sure that it is a load of nonsense and false promises.  He gave me his number also though I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do with it.  Call him in a few days and beg to see the vinyl? I programmed him into my phone as 'Dave Records' and forgot about it.

Well I'll be damned if my phone didn't ring a few weeks ago and it was him! He said that he was ready to show me the goods and we exchanged email addresses.  I threw together a small want list but assured him I wanted to see whatever he had regardless, at whatever time and place he chose.  But I was leaving for vacation in just a few days and he said he was planning to go out of town soon as well. 

So finally after a few weeks he offered me a date and I took it.  I had a murderous hangover for no good reason on a chilly Saturday morning and I dragged myself onto the bike and off I went.  He let me into his back porch and offered me a coffee which I gladly accepted while I looked through his stash.  I grabbed six records:

Little River Band - Diamantina Cocktail - I swore that I had enough of the LRB discography already but I couldn't resist adding to the trilogy.  This album came out just before they hit their stride with a long string of giant hits but there are some decent singles on this one as well.  I tried to leave it behind but as I dug through the crates I kept finding more and more of their stuff which only reminded me.

Poco (3) - Legend - a pleasure to add this to my Yacht Rock collection, everyone knows the two big hits but the whole thing just feels nice.  I swore Jim Messina was always in the band but it looks like his involvement was short and limited.  You learn something new everyday!

Sérgio Mendes & Brasil '66 - Equinox - I already have this of course, but not the mono version.  I actually have the stereo and TWO mono versions of the debut which came out just before this one.  Really clean condition too.

Elvis Costello - My Aim Is True - my girlfriend's mom has a big framed posted of this album hanging in the spare bedroom I sleep in when I visit.  I also have a obsession with the book 'Less Than Zero' which leads me to be further interested in Elvis Costello.  Something just called out to me to have this and I am already very happy I grabbed it.  It has such a similar feel as another new wave classic I have studied and played to death (and own in a couple formats as well).  The idea of NOT having bought this is disturbing to me.

Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms - I actually found copies of this one, I grabbed one which was still in its (opened) shrink.  I came straight to my girlfriend's after this escapade and we listened to this a few times.  She immediately expressed her jealousy and I told her to just have it.  I can live without it, I have 600 records as it is (many of which I cannot humanly listen to) and I'm always looking to show some self control and scale back where I can.  

Gerry Rafferty - Night Owl - this one I bought specifically for her.  There was one other LP as well but I left it behind as it was further along in the chronology and largely irrelevant, I decided.  She is a fan of Gerry and I'm realizing that I have bought every release she has for her.  I got her a picture sleeve 7" in Oak Park and I got the LP with the same hit at a garage sale in Franklin Park.  I remember that sale well but it seems it was in the time before I began to blog about garage sales.  I know I picked up an Eng record then which while not valuable I have never come across again (it sucks, actually).

So he had the two crates you see above plus another stack which he said were his "step son's ex-girlfriend's".  That makes my head hurt a bit to think about but they are not depicted and were of no interest to me.  So I had 6 records and I offered him $10.  He said he was looking for $2 each but I did not have exact change.  So I offered him all the money I had on me - $23 - and said to just give me back a $10 which would be simple and we would call it even at $13.  This seemed to please him and we said our goodbyes. He promised to stay in touch and said he would have more vinyl - but it might not be until the spring.  That seemed like a long way away ( is!) but I thanked him and we both promised to stay in touch.  So I am sure I will be blogging about my friend Dave again!

He told me he sells records on ebay and gave me the coolest business card I have ever seen.  Click here to be taken to his eBay store!

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