Saturday, October 24, 2015

Metropolitan Ministries Thrift Store [Tampa FL]

Last year on my day trip to Tampa I hit a local (and excellent) record store.  I was pleased to find that there was a thrift store within walking distance and when I called they confirmed the presence of vinyl.

I walked north on Florida Ave. from downtown and watched things get progressively more dicey in short order.  I walked by a couple homeless shelters and saw more than a few people just crashed out on the pavement at midday.  I started to question my own obsession and bizarre motives that brought me here.

Sweating pretty well, I arrived and wandered around the small and crowded shop for a few moments before I located the records near the front, adjacent to the register.

I didn't find anything - just the usual thrift store fodder.  So a two mile walk in the Florida heat through a questionable neighboorhood wasn't worth it...or was it? Does a heap of records mean 'success'? If so, based on my career stats, I am a loser.  Proud to be.

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