Saturday, September 26, 2015

Winfield Antique Mall

I feel like at this rate the Sunday morning desperation will only lead to a trip 100s of miles away as we continue to dominate a larger and larger radius of record stashes across Chicagoland.  This one only took us to Winfield which was closer than it sounded and it was a worthwhile trip at a wonderful antique mall with great service!

As seen elsewhere, there were records hiding around every corner and the obligatory vendor/booth with a motherlode.

I ended up finding all three of my scores for the day in this singular booth.  I was tempted elsewhere but not sufficiently to warrant a sale.  Here, I grabbed yet another mono edition of Herb's first as well as another debut, but this one stereo.  Somehow the dual channel version seemed to have proliferated more greatly and its been torturing me for ages.  Lastly #8 from Mr. James - and a promo version to boot. My girl grabbed some nice Pyrex but I did not find anything for myself.  No worries - three records is fine with me!
A wonderful antique mall ritual - the clothespin marks your box of scores at the register.

I don't know that the fellas needed to autograph their crotches but to each their own.


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