Sunday, September 13, 2015

Satellite Records [Kalamazoo MI]

I forgot to get a simple exterior shot so I held up traffic on my way out and snapped this one through the van.

I had purposely held out on stopping at Satellite on my previous trips to K-Zoo as I knew I'd soon be back.  A comfortable store; it did not disappoint.

After some digging, I did my shopping on a budget.  I picked up at picture sleeve for a song who'd melody has enraptured me of late (and millions of others, over the years).  I never could understand much of the lyrics but are they ever positive! Who knew? They also make me think of a now destroyed (except for the sign) landmark in a decrepit part of town down in Kississimee where I took a bike ride a couple years ago.

I was having trouble finding anything else of interest and buying just a 7" seemed silly (but not as silly as the idea that you must buy full size records to be a good customer!).  Finally in the dollar bin I found a used copy of yet another Bob James record, this one part of his duets with Earl Klugh.

Otherwise it wasn't exactly a noteworthy visit.  I am bereft of memories to write about but I guess at least I don't remember anything bad.  They did have an expansive 7" bin which was well organized and reminded me of the bins at Corner Record Shop. So stop in today and cop something nice for yourself!

Now this is just weird...I have never seen this in a record store before and obviously I've been to a few.  But now I see that both of the stores in K-Zoo, just a couple miles apart are doing the same system? You can see its actually the same exact card.  (I didn't even spend $5 on my two records so I didn't get any stamps).

I did what I could to make this readable.  Funny when I actually asked for a receipt, I can only imagine what this guy thought I wanted this illegible piece of scrap paper for.

Big bonus points on having stickers (they were free, but I would have paid).  Another to add to my locking record crate (for my prized vinyl)...I'll have to snap a pic soon, I've got some good ones on there.

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