Sunday, September 20, 2015

Goodwill [Kalamazoo MI]

On my way into town after stopping at New Life in Wyoming I just wanted to head to my hotel but I drove right by this place, so I got my swerve on and tore into the parking lot.  This was a unique could almost see whatever business it used to be before they bought the building and turned it into a thrift store.

I swear on my life I took a pic of the record rack and it mysteriously did not save in my phone (that's never happened before).  So I'll describe it: four tiered metal rack with plastic milk crates, two to a shelf.  I instantly came across yet another mono copy of Roger's debut....still haven't ever seen a stereo copy.  This was a sign of things to come however as shortly thereafter I found another platter from Mr. Miller. I don't need to be buying compilations (I now have 13 Roger Miller records) but it was only 99 cents and I couldn't resist.

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