Saturday, May 23, 2015

Garage Sale, Wood Dale

I never bother with garage sales without using at this point.  Call it laziness but I get tired of rolling up to ask 'do you have any record albums?' (and then sometimes having to explain what those are) just to get a 'no'.  But I was stuck at the Wood Dale train station on a Saturday afternoon with about an hour to kill and I had seen a couple garage sales on my 8 mile ride over.  So I turned around and went back to investigate.

The first one gave me the response outlined above.  But I never even got to ask the question at the second one as I saw a card table full of vinyl before the words could be released from my lips! In a townhouse on a very short dead end street, the resident had some serious taste in music that veered from pop to quality jazz.

I have 'Heavy Weather' along with 1600 others - grabbed it long ago over at a store I keep meaning to revisit.  This had a different inner sleeve, which had a promo for a comp called 'Limo'.  It was promptly discarded - inner sleeves for other companies are a major pet peeve of mine.

Just recently lamented that I still don't own this die cut gem when I picked up a live record.  I have seen sealed copies for way too much, all the way to super beat down copies for a few cents (and still not worth it).  The jacket is clean, but the vinyl is MINT.  So glad to finally own this.

This makes five Herbie albums.  His CTI 3000 release being the cherry-buster for me in that label/series.  I picked it up over a year ago (can't believe its been that long) and now I have nearly all the Pete Turner covers.  I've seen this one come up on some 'most outrageous covers' lists before but I just couldn't resist the die cut.  Or that hairy Jewish chest.  Rest in peace, Herbie.

Must have passed on this 100 times before.  This also had a swapped inner sleeve (since replaced). A necessary piece of my burgeoning soft rock discography. 

The last piece of the Stranger-Innocent Man trifecta though I'll admit I bought it largely for 'Zanzibar'.  I want a tab there, too!

Had to check if I had this already - got it confused with a vinyl I grabbed in Oak Park a while back.  Glad to have some more classic Gord.

And for all this....only six bucks! Better yet - today I took my old fridge (it died earlier this week, already replaced) to a scrap yard in Cicero and they gave me (you guessed it) the same amount.  Old appliances for vinyl? Yes please!

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