Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Headed out west...

Headed out to St. Charles for a quick weekend getaway and made a couple stops.  Made the same trip about a year ago and stopped at Goodwill Glendale Heights and picked up my 300th LP.  Just under a year has passed and I'm past 500! But first up we stopped at a Goodwill in St. Charles that somehow was missed even though it is less than a mile from the hotel.

It is rare that I run into anyone else that dominates a record bin like these two did.  The female was just lounging around with not a care in the world, not even looking at the records at all.  Her man (presumably) was going through them but he was inspecting about every 5-7 records and I can tell you after many, many Goodwills....there is no bin that good, anywhere.  Finally they got out of the way and I got down to it...ran into the same damn Glen Campbell album that I again and again put back, today was no exception.  It's that damn font, makes me want it! So I ended up walking out empty handed, oh well.

After an awesome night, many beers and a good sleep we hit breakfast then headed back.  We made sure to stop in Glendale Heights on the way.  I had only been to this stop once before a year ago and never came back.  I found a really nice promo last time, what I could find now?

I saw it about 20' away, first record in the middle stack, half obscured but there was no mistaking it.  Total score! Better yet, the center label is autographed by Buzz.  I wasn't sure if it was just printed on there but its on side 2 and not side 1, and also every other picture I find online does not have it.  Unbelievable score.  Especially since I picked up their other album a while back - now I have both!

The bin was so full of junk and refuse it was like a garbage heap.
I came across another barbershop chorus album (as partially seen, above right), I just found another one a couple days ago over at the Pink Elephant (I didn't buy anything and didn't blog about it).  Not surprised to find all this local barbershop stuff when I am right in the area (Aurora and Lombard are both on the same North Ave. corridor).

Best of all when we were checking out my girl asked me if I had checked the cookbooks for volumes from the 'The Good Cook' series by Richard Olney I have been collecting for a long time.  I hadn't - so I'm glad she asked.  Would you believe I found one ('Fish')? Because I can't.  Staggering good luck.  Guess I should mention I grabbed another Ray Price record and also another Baja Marimba band.  Only two BMB LPs left...some of the recent ones have been really beat down but this one is still in the plastic, still has the original A&M inner sleeve, total score.  That makes 12 Ray Price LPs, not counting comps.  Hard to believe that is barely half.  I passed on this one previously during a joint hunt with my girl and let her scoop it.  Glad to grab one myself - wonderful shape to boot.

the 'softlines' items are pants and shorts my girl bought for herself

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