Friday, April 10, 2015

Garage Sale, Elmwood Park said 'moving sale' so I was thinking garage sale.  I rolled up and found the signs, no action, nothing.  I was creeping in the driveway and checking my phone to be sure I was at the right place when I saw someone approaching.  I asked it this was 'the place' and he invited me in.  I thought maybe it was his house, but it wasn't...just another fella in search of the goods...

I got inside to find this was an estate sale.  These things always depress me.  I did my best to get in and out...I was led into a back bedroom where I found a nice heap of vinyl stuffed in a lower cabinet below a stereo and turntable (considered making an offer on the turntable).

I found a copy of the Mothers debut which made no sense since the rest of the collection was largely Greek Orthadox religious recordings and other junk.  I would have grabbed it but it was missing one of the two albums.  I also found a copy of the Turtles greatest hits which was also a bit out of place.  In the end I grabbed a weird comp as a consolation prize and headed to Nottoli for a sub and then a nap.

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