Friday, April 3, 2015

Affordable Thrift, Wood Dale

This place is just a couple miles from my work....I had noticed it but I believe they either changed the name or at least the sign.  I paid it no mind because it said 'pawn shop' and a place like that likely won't carry records.  But everytime I would use Google maps to look for something, my history would cause Google to recommend it because of the (new) name: Affordable Thrift.  I was plotting a route (non-record related) and when it came up again, I just picked up the phone and called to ask if they had records.  After a brief pause, the person on the other end answered 'yes'.  I said I was on my way.

While it may not be marketed as a pawn shop any longer, some old habits die hard and I had to be buzzed in like in the movies.  I don't know if I've ever been in a real pawn shop but if I have I was not buzzed in.  Anyway, I made my entrance and asked to see the records.  I fat crate was produced from the secretive back room and I got to diggin'.

I pulled out three awesome scores (one for my girlfriend, as I was on the way to her house):

This is just as exciting and excellent as I had hoped.  It can only be described as 'frantic', hammering music that just does not relent.  The cover drew me in but the music is the payoff.  I will definitely be looking for more Jeff Beck now.  Excellent fusion that is guitar-centric but not overtly so in terms of extended solos and pointless displays of fretboard prowess.  Excellent stuff.

My uncle played me the title cut many, many years ago and I've been hooked ever since.  I don't generally like blues but this isn't quite straightforward blues....I have yet to explore the rest of the record but will soon.

I also grabbed my girl an Alice Cooper record I knew she was dying for.  It is not 100% complete but close enough, at least until the day she can come up on another copy.

I asked how often he turns his records (he mentioned he has a 'regular' that comes in to buy up anything that has been sitting once in a while) and he said the best thing to do was just call, and he gave me a card (as usual, scanned below).  Nice guy and a nice store.  $6 for three classic records in real good shape is a success my by standards.

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