Monday, February 23, 2015

Mile Long Records, Wheaton

Got a tip:

My girlfriend lives about a mile from a station on the same line as the Wheaton stop (which turns out to be literally a block away) so we made plans to check it out.  

We made it down a week later and I was pleasantly surprised by the well kept and clean area well stocked with vinyl.  One wall had about half it's real estate devoted to new sealed stuff and a rack in the back contained some 'discount' records for a buck or two.  A very large and well organized rack of 7 inches was beyond the register - everything accounted for!

I grabbed a Deodato record....hard to pass up any CTI stuff unless its really torn apart (this is very clean, on the other hand).  I picked up a couple Tom Jones 45s to add to my is hard to navigate my collection on discogs on my phone sometimes and I ended up buying a couple duplicates.  No matter - I have a few Parrot dupes already.  I did however pick up one I did need - I had the picture sleeve without the record so it was nice to complete that.

We stopped at Peet's next door for a drink afterwards and was very happy to find that Wheaton left its station unlocked (even on a Sunday) during a cold afternoon.  We were home in a jiff - well worth the trip!


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