Saturday, February 14, 2015

Appleton Thrift Mania

Downtown Appleton offers a trio of record stores and I've already hit most of the thrift stores in the surrounding area.  Still, leaving no stone unturned and no crate un-dug, I trudged on during a more recent trip to revisit some old haunts and see what was left.


I called in advance to make sure they had vinyl.  After a lengthy wait, I was told they did.  This was true - but just barely, they had hardly more than 10-12 vinyls in a rack.  Still, I located a copy of an 80s barbershop LP that I was very pleased to see turn up.  


I neglected to take a photo of the 3-4 crates of vinyl at this location but as I came away with nothing, no loss there.  


I struck pay dirt at this place.  I came up on an early Engelbert mono variation I can find on neither discogs nor ebay...its been around but it will suffice at least until I find another one (if I ever do).  I grabbed yet another Ray Price LP in very nice condition (I will be working on his discography for many years to come).  Then things got interesting.

I have not ever and swore I never would...but I contemplated buying a record sans jacket.  A few weeks ago I grabbed a cheap K-Tel 80s comp and I found another one here, equally as cheesy.  That being said, I have spun the hell out of the one I already have so I really wanted this one.  I even dug into some other junk record and stole the inner sleeve so my new platter had some kind of prophylactic until I could get it safely home, nearly 400 miles away.

I brought my scores to the counter and was told that they could not sell me the comp as it was not priced.  I understand the store policy, and I understand the motives behind it but I figure this would be a great time to price it right then and there.  I asked bluntly 'so you don't want my money then?' and just got a blank stare with another iteration of the policy.  I took the other two after paying and got the hell out of there.  Oh well.


I visited here once before last spring and the ridiculous 10 cent record sale is still in action.  I was headed to my hotel when I drove by and remembered the place...figured I might as well stop in.  Glad I did.  

I found my 2nd barbershop album in a few hours, this one never before seen.  I have done massive independent research on the Decca Top 10 Quartet albums released annually since 1953 but I had never heard of a release with this scope before.  Inner sleeve still in tact - this was a no brainer for 10 cents or even 10x that.  I also scooped a 2xLP Eng comp for my girlfriend (found my own copy last summer at a garage sale).


Never willing to leave well enough alone, the 4 stores I hit the day previous were not enough.  I did not think I would have any time to explore more (or anywhere to go, for that matter) but I got stuck up there another night.  I called this place in advance to make sure they had records and sped over, getting in about 15 minutes before close.  Nothing worthy of a purchase unfortunately but still worth the trip.


I noticed this place on the way to Fair Market so I swung through.  Unbelievably found yet another barbershop classic, this one especially worthy of note for the appearance of the 1973 champs who have no full length of their own that I know of.  Better yet is track B4 which was every bit as good as I thought it might be.

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